Set include:

- TEX Soldering Iron with adjustable power 0-250W
- Bottle of Alu Flux, aluminium soldering flux
- Bottle of Chrome flux, soldering stainless steel
- Lead-free solder Sn97Cu3 24g
- Bottle of PCB Flux
- Tube of lead-free solder Sn99,3Cu0,7 14g

Detailed list of products:

Transformer soldering iron with adjustable power 0-250W
High quality, professional transformer soldering iron with stepless adjusted power 0-250W. Assembled with use of high quality parts makes it reliable, long life soldering iron. Transformer with copper winding. Heavy duty power switch and power adjustment is located on the handle.

- Adjustable power 0-250W
- Tip temperature 450°C
- LED light 10mm 15cd
- Rated voltage 230

Ideal equipment for workshops, garages, modeling or for soldering electronic components (excluding very small SMD components).

Alu Flux - Aluminium soldering flux

Aluminium and its alloys soldering flux. Joints are made with use of soldering iron at 250°C temperature. Best results are with lead-free tin solder. Joints has a good thermal and electrical conductivity. Residue of the flux doesn't cause the chemical corrosion. 15 ml bottle.

Chrome - Stainless steel soldering flux

It is a stainless steel, acid resist steel soldering flux. The joint is made with the use of tin solder (best results with lead-free tin solder or LC60) and soldering iron. Chrome flux can be used for joining many other metals. The residue of the flux has to be washed off with isopropanol. 15 ml bottle.

Lead-free solder Sn97Cu3 24 g

High quality lead-free solder. Recommended for soldering aluminium and stainless steel, acid resist steel.
PCB Flux - 15 ml bottle

It's a professional no clean flux dedicated for soldering PCB boards. This flux contains rosin and mild organic activators. It improves soldering process and wettability while soldering. It is a medium active flux RMA type 1.1.3.A according to ISO 9454-1. This flux does not contain halides, non-corrosive. There is no need to clean the PCB board from residue of the flux.

Lead-free solder tube Sn99,3Cu0,7 14 g

Professional lead-free solder Sn99,3Cu0,7 diameter 1mm. This solder contains the flux according to PN EN 29453 : 2000 and meets the requirements of the directive RoHS 2002/95 EC. It is an inexpensive replacement for leaded solder. This high quality solder is produced with lack of air access.

- Solder: 99,3 ± 0,2%
- Copper: 0,7 ± 0,2%
- Minimal purity of raw material 99,90%

Soldering iron tips - 10 pcs

Set of 10 copper tips for transformer soldering iron.

AlumSolder Universal Soldering Kit 0-250 W

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